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Selling the coins you have been hodling? Moving assets from the DeFi or Web3 space into the real world? Need to get that stablecoin payment to your bank? Rocken is the offramp you need. Sell coins for fiat in just a couple taps, and at great prices.

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Save time, get better deals

We built Rocken to give beginners access to great crypto deals only the pros have been enjoying. It’s just like selling assets on a crypto exchange, but a lot faster and easier.

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Coin prices matter

In Rocken, a lot goes on under the hood to make sure you get the best crypto prices possible, better than on most alternatives. Even with the low fiat deposit fees included. See for yourself!

No need to use stablecoins

Swap your crypto balance for fiat anytime in seconds. No need to pay fees to sell crypto for stablecoins and then exchange them, or hold stablecoins risking price crashes or asset freezing.

Secure, regulated, trustworthy

Enjoy extremely competitive asset prices combined with the safety of a EU- and Canada-regulated platform based on industry-leading security protocols. Sell instantly, send worldwide, withdraw, it’s all so simple and perfectly secure.

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With Rocken, you can:

Buy/sell coins, no fees

Get best crypto deals like on exchanges in a couple taps, no hassle, no trading

Pay anyone in crypto

Send coins to Rocken users instantly, or outside to DeFi, exchanges and more

Get paid in crypto

Receive crypto payments to unique address or via QR, swap or sell whenever

Swap seamlessly

Quickly exchange currencies and swap assets at amazing rates, no extra fees

Send money worldwide

Easily send funds to Rocken wallets, Visa/MC cards, your SEPA bank account

Add money easily

Deposit via Visa/MC, SEPA, crypto, receive instant P2P within Rocken

Rocken anytime, anywhere

Get the Rocken app to easily manage your assets wherever you are. Available for iOS and Android.