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  • We know exchange may be a lot to deal with, so we built Rocken to make switching between any kinds of assets easy as a breeze.
  • Get access to exclusive prices and rates that will rock your world! Fiat to fiat (FX), fiat to crypto and vice versa, swapping between coins, it’s all instant, painless and intuitive. See for yourself!

Fast, simple, minimal fees

Buy and sell crypto

Like on an exchange, but better

Buy and sell crypto at great prices and no fees like on a crypto exchange, minus the hassle! Why figure out trading when you can buy and sell whenever in just a couple taps?

Switch between fiat and crypto

Get paid in crypto and exchange to fiat to avoid volatility. Easily buy crypto when the time is right, no need to buy stablecoins first. Quick, simple, no fees.

Swap coins easily

Rocken takes the hassle out of swapping any supported coins directly, too. No more exorbitant crypto swapping fees. Even switching between USDT ERC-20 and TRC-20 is painless.

Get Rocken now!

With Rocken, you can:

Buy/sell coins, no fees

Get best crypto deals like on exchanges in a couple taps, no hassle, no trading

Pay anyone in crypto

Send coins to Rocken users instantly, or outside to DeFi, exchanges and more

Get paid in crypto

Receive crypto payments to unique address or via QR, swap or sell whenever

Swap seamlessly

Quickly exchange currencies and swap assets at amazing rates, no extra fees

Send money worldwide

Easily send funds to Rocken wallets, Visa/MC cards, your SEPA bank account

Add money easily

Deposit via Visa/MC, SEPA, crypto, receive instant P2P within Rocken

Rocken anytime, anywhere

Get the Rocken app to easily manage your assets wherever you are. Available for iOS and Android.