Consent to personal data processing

Please carefully review this Consent to biometric data processing form before consenting to our collection and use of your biometric data.

Rocken services are provided by PAYEAN, UAB, registration number 306061130, Gedimino, 44A-201, Vilnius, Lithuania – which acts as a controller as defined in GDPR. To allow you to use the full scope of our services, we require you to undergo an identity verification process.

In order to facilitate verification, we subcontract Sumsub (Sum and Substance Ltd, address: 30 St. Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8BF, United Kingdom, registered number: 09688671) – which acts as a processor as defined in GDPR.

We ask you to conduct a liveness test to prove you are a real person and your ID document belongs to you. We will process your personal data for identity verification and to prevent the creation of multiple accounts in a fraudulent manner for the purpose of client diligence compliance in accordance with the applicable AML laws.

To achieve this, we have to process your biometric data – facial features. When we ask you to move your face in front of the camera, a biometric template is created. It is compared against the photo placed in your ID document. The template is instantly destroyed once the verification process is terminated.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that you biometrics shall be processed by means of automated reading, verification of the authenticity and other automated processing, which includes the processing of facial scan while passing liveness, video-selfie or video identification process, biometric authorisation, face comparison from the photo of an identity document and the facial image, searching of multiple identity creation, work and development of fraud control network to detect and prevent fraud and criminal activity.

Furthermore, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your personal data shall be processed by means of automated reading, verification of the authenticity and other automated processing of photos and scanned copies of documents and with further check against the data in multiple databases, including inter alia International politically exposed persons (PEPs) and Sanctions, Country Specific Sanctions Lists, Criminal Lists and Financial Lists.

Your personal data shall be processed only on the servers physically located within the European Union.

Please note that once consent has been provided for collecting and processing biometric data as part of your verification, the processing continues as long as it is required to complete the transaction for which it was collected or to complete the verification.

Your consent is valid until the verification process is completed.

Please note that if you refuse to consent to the collection and processing of your biometric data, then we may not be able to verify your identity at the required level of assurance for use of all the Rocken services.

You further acknowledge and agree that your electronic acceptance of this document shall have the same force and effect as a written ink signature, and that by ticking the box “Agree to the personal data processing” or “Agree” on the Rocken Mobile Application or through similar action, you have provided informed written consent to PAYEAN, UAB, regarding the collection, use, and retention and deletion of your biometric data such as facial features as described above, and to the provision of such data to Sum and Substance, as described above.